Drunkard’s Path

I have been wanting to practise my curved piecing for a long while. To start with, I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to do this, and I tried and tried and tried. They were pretty bad. Tried pinning, clipping, and more. THEN I remembered there is a foot attachment you can buy that makes this much easier- they claim! It is called the Curve Master Presser Foot, and as I rummaged through my sewing machine box, I found not one, but TWO of them. I have wanted to work on these blocks for a long time, and I probably bought them years ago in preparation for this!

I am away from most of my stash right now, but I did bring a big pile of charm squares with me.  I rummaged through them to find a variety of green squares, and started working on them. This curved foot does really make piecing these blocks a lot easier.  I have a collection of quilts with these blocks on Pinterest, and found one I really love on Linda Franz’s Inklingo website. Here is what I have made so far… I’m loving it!


Winter Retreat

Week 1:
I am on my winter retreat- or more correctly, my retreat from winter. Weather here (Saint Simons Island, GA) is warm and sunny, so I am always surprised that the sun goes down so early. Even though I am no longer working and every day is like a vacation, this feels like a REAL vacation. I spend more time sewing, and only work on things I brought with me. The rest of my time is spent biking, walking the beach, exploring the island and environs, cooking, etc.
This is what I have done in my first week here… it is a variation of the spider web quilt block, and I really love how the hexagon rings stand out. I realize I didn’t bring enough fabric to finish this quilt, but I will make as many blocks as I can, and finish it later. I spent a lot of time on google images and Pinterest researching this pattern, and no longer remember where I saw the inspiration for this particular layout. I will add the original source if I am able to find it.
I’ll try to post weekly, IF I remember!


Well, my circles quilt is done.. now it is off to the quilters. doneI’ve shown this photo a while ago, but wasn’t sure what the name of this block was. Sandy suggested Tennessee Waltz, so so I did some research. So many interesting takes on this pattern, depending on what you put in the centre of the circles, and which section you emphasize with colour. Isn’t it amazing how colour placement and value change the look of a quilt pattern? I noticed that one or two of this kind of quilt is called 54-40, emphasizing the block inside the circle design. Fun!
The link for each image is below.

1. http://www.apqshop.com/scrap-showcase
2. http://katespaindesigns.blogspot.ca/search?updated-min=2014-01-01T00:00:00-05:00&updated-max=2015-01-01T00:00:00-05:00&max-results=35#.WHuelLYrJXg
3. http://www.happystashquilts.com/collections/patterns/products/tropical_stars
4. http://www.gladcreationsquilts.com/shop/Glad-Creations-Patterns/p/Faceted-Jewels-sku-GC111.htm
5. https://www.pinterest.com/stevenicole97/54-40-fight-block/
6. http://www.juxtapost.com/site/permlink/321d0a40-7b3b-11e2-b633-bfa802aa670d/post/item_1025326968_40quilt_9940_scrappy_waltz41_by_martha_wolfersberger_for_the_alzheimers_art_quilt_initiative/
7. http://www.hedgefundsblog.com/article/614229076/pieced-quilts-highlights-of-the-2014-river-city-quilters-guild-show-day-3/
8. http://www.quiltingboard.com/pictures-f5/what-name-block-t214262.html
9. http://theeighthdaughter.blogspot.ca/2013/09/tennessee-waltz-quilt.html

A Little Colour in My Life

I’ve been working on some more subdued quilts lately, and craved some COLOUR! The York Heritage Quilters Guild is having its UFO challenge, and I am using all the extra blocks I had cut out for the Border Creek Station challenge run two years ago at Quilts at the Creek. Here is the quilt I made then…



Here are the blocks paired up and ready to make HSTs.. I thought I had a lot more blocks than I was able to find, so I will have to do more digging in my stash to make it the size I want! Most of the fabrics are from Kaffe Fassett- I can never get enough of his luscious colours.

and some of the blocks I have pieced together:

Needs to be done for our May meeting, so add it to the list of things to work on NOW!


All I Want for Christmas..

is to finish this quilt… and I did it!

I made hundreds of triangles from my orange scrap basket while a snow bird last winter. (I have no idea where the yellow ones are now!!)


Well, I used a fair number of them up making this quilt. I made it as part of the Quilts at the Creek 2017 challenge: a red and white quilt to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Funny how you barely notice the orange!


I love the way I worked the corners, but I can tell you there were many times I had to remove blocks to get it right. I used the Marti Michell templates C19 & C 20 for the tricky(54-40 or fight blocks), and especially love how the  red “circles” really pop. Of course I still need to think about what I want on the back, and what kind of quilting it needs, but right now I just want to stare at it- SO pleased with it!

If you want to see it live and in person (and finished!) you will have to visit Quilts at the Creek 2017.