Just a photo

My sister and her husband are spending 6 weeks wandering around Portugal.. we have been facetiming every few days, and she has held her iPad up to show me where she is staying, what she is eating, etc. But today, she sent me the coolest photo, which I must share with you.. worth the trip to Portugal just to see these boats!

A Little Improv

I am a member of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild, and in June we had a president’s challenge. We were paired up with another member, and each drew a coloured crayon. We got lime green and blue, and we decided to each make a block with our chosen colour, and then swap. Sue and I made the swap a month ago, and I have been staring at that block for a month with quilter’s block. The kind when you have no idea what you want to make. We have our next meeting tomorrow, so this morning I finally decided to get busy with it. I did lots of improv piecing, and incorporated her colours into my border as well as the blue of my crayon. Improv sounds way easier that it is! This is the result.. hopefully she likes it!

I am entering this quilt top in the Bloggers Quilt Festival..

Quilt show over

Every year a small group of us organize Quilts at the Creek, an outdoor quilt show held at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. Check out the photos from this year’s show here.

Here are the quilts I entered in the show:

This was a fun show, and I need to spend some time thinking about what I want to do for next year’s show. The theme: BIG and/or small. Stay tuned!

Colour me Blue! (part one)

I love colour, but normally I don’t think of myself as a “blue” person. But I DO seem to be buying/collecting a lot of blue fabrics right now.. so it is time to dip into that growing stash.

My favourite quilts to make are those that use a single simple block. That enables me to concentrate on the colour play at work in the quilt. Here are my inspiration fabrics for this quilt which I have purchased but not used yet:

The blue in all of these fabrics ranges from a deep royal blue to navy to an almost inky blue-black. So I went to my “stash” and started cutting. I never jump right in and start sewing. I am all about “playing” on the design wall, and the final layout comes together: sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

I am using a tumbler template and arranging the blocks in a “Bowtie” layout. After cutting a number of blocks in a mix of blue, yellow and patterned fabrics, I tested two layouts. The one on the left uses a more equal mix of blue with the other colours, while the right has quite a bit more blue, with flashes of contrast yellow/citron. The difference is not striking in these two samples, and I’m not sure which I prefer, so I will make more blocks and test again… stay tuned!

Black and White, mostly

Top done!

Quilts at the Creek is hoping to get a fair number of quilts donated to Quilts of Valour this summer, in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. Quilts of Valour is a group organized to honour and support injured Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans. Quilts have long been associated with comfort, and donating quilts to this group is an expression of our gratitude to the recipients. Quilts of Valour has set a mission of donating 10,000 by next year to them, and so far they have donated over 8,500 quilts. This is my contribution to that effort.

This was an extremely easy quilt to make, and no new fabric was purchased to complete the top. Hopefully I can find a backing fabric that I love and get it quilted soon!